Machig Labdron and the foundations of Chod

Machig Labdron and the foundations of Chod

Machig Labdron and the foundations of Chod

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Machig Labdron and the foundations of Chod - Jerome Edou


Cena obniżona. Na 2 stronach we wstępie widać notatki robione ołówkiem.

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Machig Labdron is popularly considered to be both a dakini and a deity, an emanation of Yum Chenmo, or Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of the wisdom of the buddhas. Historically, this Tibetan woman, a contemporary of Milarepa, was an adept and outstanding teacher, a mother, and a founder of a unique transmission lineage known as the Chöd of Mahamudra. This translation of the most famous biography of Machig Labdron, founder of the unique Mahamudra Chöd tradition, is presented together with a comprehensive overview of Chöd's historical and doctrinal origins in Indian Buddhism and its subsequent transmission to Tibet. 

Chöd refers to cutting through the grasping at a self and its attendant emotional afflictions. Most famous for its teaching on transforming the aggregates into an offering of food for demons as a compassionate act of self-sacrifice, Chöd aims to free the mind from all fear and to arouse realization of its true nature, primordially clear bliss and emptiness. - Księgarnia Buddyjska – Buddyjski Sklep Internetowy


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